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Introducing Iintonga Collection: A Celebration of Nguni Stick Fighting Tradition.
The Collection is a striking fusion of heritage and contemporary fashion, inspired by the age-old stick fighting traditions of the Nguni clans in South Africa. Beyond being a stunning showcase of design, this collection proposes a powerful idea: to elevate stick fighting to the status of an official sport in South Africa. Through innovative design elements and collaborations, we aim to shed light on the cultural significance of this practice and its potential to unite communities.
Collaborating with acclaimed Ceramic Designer LookOut Sibande the collection features handcrafted finger rings that pay homage to the weaponry used in Nguni stick fighting. These rings are a synthesis of tradition and modernity, capturing the essence of the sport in wearable art.
Textile artist Ronel Jordaan brings her mastery of wool manipulation to the collection, creating exquisite wool hats that echo the resilience and strength displayed by stick fighters. Each hat is a testament to the intricate techniques employed by textile artisans, and a tribute to the courage of those who engage in the sport.
The Collection embodies a call to action. By spotlighting the artistry and skills of stick fighting, we seek to spark conversations about its historical significance and its potential to enrich modern society as a legitimate sport. The collection encapsulates the essence of unity, strength, and cultural pride, encouraging a deeper understanding of our heritage and a shared journey towards inclusivity.
With every piece, the Collection aims to bridge the gap between tradition and contemporary fashion, inviting wearers to embrace a piece of history while advocating for positive change. It's not just clothing; it's a movement towards recognizing the legacy of Nguni stick fighting and the possibilities it holds for our society's future.
Join us on this journey to celebrate our roots, honor our artisans, and propel stick fighting towards becoming an official sport that unites and inspires us all.