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About us

In 2019, after graduating from Nelson Mandela University with an honours degree in Textile Design, Thandazani founded the clothing brand "ABANTU in AFRICA," a name which translates to "people in Africa" in several Bantu languages.
ABANTU in AFRICA emerges as a testament to Thandazani's commitment to preserving cultural heritage and embracing the rich nuances of South Africa's diverse communities. Rooted in the belief that fashion can be a powerful medium for cultural expression and unity, the brand's philosophy is deeply intertwined with the vibrant tapestry of African traditions and modern aesthetics.
Central to ABANTU in AFRICA 's ethos is its commitment to sustainability. Embracing the richness of the Eastern Cape's natural resources, the brand places a strong emphasis on using locally sourced wool as a cornerstone material. This approach not only supports local farmers and artisans but also contributes to the revival of the region's textile legacy. ABANTU in AFRICA practices echo a larger narrative of responsible fashion that respects the environment and the community it operates in.
The brand's ambition reaches beyond clothing; it aims to become the premier destination for African luxury. ABANTU  in AFRICA  envisions not just a brand, but a movement that encapsulates the spirit of African creativity, heritage, and elegance. With a global perspective and a local heart, ABANTU aspires to bring African luxury to the forefront of the fashion world, celebrating the continent's stories and fostering a new era of appreciation.