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The inspiration for my knitwear collection comes from a deeply personal and heartwarming source. It all started when I shared a behind-the-scenes glimpse of my photoshoot in Port Elizabeth with my mother. The photoshoot was a culmination of months of hard work and creative energy poured into the collection and I was excited to give her a glimpse of what I had achieved. She replied with a voice note that would that give birth to the tittle of the collection.

In the voice note, my mother began by expressing how moved she was by the beauty of the location and the exquisite knitwear pieces she had seen in the video. Then, her tone changed, becoming more introspective and profound. She shared a prayer, spoken with a quiet reverence that made me feel like she was right there beside me. She said, "Ziinceba zika Thixo ezi" - words in our native language that roughly translated to “These Are Gods Mercies”.

From that point on, I knew that the title of my collection had to be "Zinceba Zika Thixo Ezi." It wasn't just a title; it was a tribute to the source of my creativity, the love and support of my mother, and the journey that had brought my designs to life. Every time I see the collection's name, I'm reminded of that voice note — a message of love, faith, and the intersection of creativity, culture & divinity.

While rooted in Xhosa culture, I also found myself drawn to the intricate patterns found in Lesotho murals. These patterns added a layer of diversity and complexity to my collection, enriching the narrative with cross-cultural connections. The blend of Xhosa and Lesotho influences reflects the interconnectedness of cultures and the way they influence and inspire each other.

The collection serves as a tribute to the resilience, creativity, and spirituality embedded in these cultures' art forms. It's a celebration of heritage and an invitation for wearers to embrace the beauty of diversity and the interconnectedness of our human experience.